Saturday, November 19, 2005

Webheads Conference

The schedule is here for the Webheads Conference, and we've been very excited, but we figured out at the last minute that we had misunderstood "12:00 GMT" - so our times were difficult and we SWITCHED PLACES...the new arrangement now appears in the template. It's a fantastic conference and I highly recommend it, and thank Vance and the others for all their hard work. I'd especially like to thank the folks at Tapped In for their help!!! You're awesome!

Our proposal in its entirety is below.

This is your class: This is your class on weblogs
Bridges across Cyberspace

This session will show how teachers can use weblogs in a language program, and deals with some of the issues that arise when they do. The presenters teach in an ESL program where every student is asked to have a weblog and every class also has one; class weblogs are used to make the program newsletter, and personal weblogs are used as online portfolios in the upper levels. The program has adjusted to a new transparency; not only are many class activities visible to the rest of the program and to the world, but people have also learned more about each other by sharing of links, interests and experiences which has arisen as a result.

Issues that will be covered include reasons to use weblogs, problems of platform compatability, getting other teachers involved, teaching basic technological skills to lower level students, and dealing with possible problems with inappropriateness of posts.

The presenters, Thomas Leverett and Jessica Montgomerie, have set up a weblog which will be used as a springboard for showing people the program weblogs and the writing that has come from the experience. The weblog will be shown throughout the conference.

Each will be available through chat at Tapped-In at an agreed-upon time during the conference for questions. A presentation may be given by each at their appointed times (probably separately) but each will be available for questions also.

We are comfortable with chat but less familiar with other technologies that could be used with the presentations, for example voice-chat or video. This could be negotiable, but as of now, using voice chat or video feed doesn't seem like a promise we could keep.

Relevant weblogs and websites are below.

CESL students' weblog (CESL is our program)

Teaching teachers to use and teach with weblogs: Our TESOL '05 EV demonstration
the weblog set up for this presentation (in progress)

Connections to our personal weblogs are at the cesl students' weblog
or here.


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