Monday, March 19, 2007

unfinished business

This weblog, which was always independent, having its own logon and password, is switching over to being part of the CESL system. That whole situation has become a little complicated, but CESL now has three kinds of weblogs, students, teachers, and old ones. This one is going in with the old ones. Information about how to post will soon go onto the template.

Meanwhile, with TESOL coming up, there are some articles floating out there that did not get included in the TESOL presentation, but are interesting nevertheless. Those articles are referenced here:
Google gets nervous about its $1 billion-dollar video copyright infringements...
Gagging the bloggers, BBC
The mash-up future of the web, BBC

Radcliffe, J. (2007, Jan. 20). A new school of bloggers. Houston Chronicle. Appeared on web, but now gone. About teachers who blog anonymously because of the dangers of blogging, & the perils of saying too much about a profession that is very sensitive.


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