Wednesday, March 12, 2008

best of the weblogs 081

best of the fluency exercises
difference between American and Japanese teenagers- Erika
Chatting online- Suliman
weather in USA & KSA- Dhay
Teenagers in the USA & Thailand
TOEFL! Stressful! -Botian
Tokyo- the best city- Kim
Chiang Mai- best city - Lalida
The way to talk with our friends- Erika
drink- Kim
drinking- GilJae
Awareness on the road- Lalida
Dealing with stress- Botian

Quantitative reports
Internet Dating Survey - Lalida
Drinking Survey- Dhay

Lowering drinking age is not the solution- Lalida
In order for our security on the road- Jun Dong
Educate children- Jinshu

Newstalk weblog entries
Recycling in the US - Jeremy
"Homosexual" issue - Yao
Nurse contracting HIV from patient- Fahad
Gunman opens fire at NIU - Asuka
Exercise aids depression - Mohammad A.
South Korea probes cell-phone death - Tez
Terrible tornado twisters - Yao
Sniffling mice raise therapy hope - Hsin Yi
Why companies need female managers

Newstalk groups- survey/interview
US Economy problem (interview)- K
Presidential election (survey) - Mohammad A.
Saluki Way (survey)- Young ho
Saluki Way- Hsin Yi


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