Saturday, May 12, 2007

Drezner, blogging

Tribble, I. (2005, July 8). Bloggers need not apply. Chronicle Careers, Chronicle of Higher Education.

How would my colleagues know that blogging has replaced cable TV ? Or that I now read fewer mystery novels? That blogging has actually increased the amount of time that I spend thinking about my professional life? I think having a (non-anonymous, public affairs-type) blog actually reflects a high level of engagement and professional seriousness. Lazy or uncreative people do not blog; they eat Cheetos and watch daytime TV. (I'm not calling all non-bloggers lazy; I'm just saying that blogging is probably one sign of high commitment.) If only more of our colleagues in political science would recognize that blogs can be a virtual academic conference, we might have a more lively discipline.

Dion, M. (2005, Oct. 12). Blogging and tenure. La Profesora Abstraida.

Lawrence, C. (2005, Oct. 9). Drezner denial discussion. Signifying Nothing. Links to posts about Drezner.


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