Monday, March 22, 2010

Presentation links

Copy-paste editors

ESL Assistant (requires plug-in installation)

Translator engines

Microsoft translator
Babelfish (Yahoo)
Google translate
Langenberg's directory- different translators

Student work

Time is important, Maron
My dreams, Laura
do not stay alone, Mazen

Commercial software

Ginger Software (Spectronics)

Others directory

other writing
Leverett, T. (2010, Mar.). Green line to the commons: Grammar technology takes esl/efl for a ride, Tom's esl closet.


Blogger Will Webbyte said...

Oh, yeah! Sometimes the spell checkers and grammar checkers are wrong.

I have never been any good at either one. But I still catch the automatic checkers making errors.

Got to be careful. It is still important to check over one's work before submitting it to be read.

11:41 AM  

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