Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 Presentation Links

Copy-paste editors

Ginger Software
Grammarly lite free software for Firefox
JSpell free online spell-check
Google (one of the best, believe it or not)

Student work

Time is important, Maron
My dreams, Laura
do not stay alone, Mazen
typical errors to run through the system

Commercial software

Ginger Software (Spectronics)
Grammarly Lite, Firefox add-on (free) 
Serenity-Software Editor (PC only)(free trial)

Overview, list of others directory

Translator engines

Microsoft translator
Babelfish (Yahoo)
Google translate
Langenberg's directory- different translators

Word processors with built-in grammar-check

 Making fun of autocorrect

Take the survey! It's not too late!
(one for teachers, one for learners)

Grammar technology/Teacher's survey

Grammar technology/Learners survey


Leverett T. (2011). Negotiate with the elephant. Google docs; work in progress. Available

Leverett, T. (2010, Mar.). Green line to the commons: Grammar technology takes esl/efl for a ride, Tom's esl closet.

Presentation bibliography (includes texting articles)

2011 Presentation links


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