Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Grammarly Lite

So I went ahead and downloaded Grammarly Lite onto my Firefox. I'm not sure if I can even ever get it off; maybe I'm stuck with it. It's a free trial put out by Grammarly meant to entice me. But it's entirely free and I'm at least interested in its advantages over, say, MWord Spell-check or maybe Ginger.

It catches definately and doesn't even give me a chance to choose defiantly; this is perhaps its main advantage over MWord. It doesn't catch "I am form Cleveland" or "I involved in this project" has no sense of grammar. It's purely spell-check with the best of spell-check attributes: a good awareness (statistically) of what users usually want. Grammarly advertises this but I'm not sure they can always deliver. I'm not sure, for example, that they're better than Google.

Interestingly, I type in this sentence:
What should I do if I don't have ant ability.
This is a simple misspelling of any, but the computer doesn't see it. It sees a countable noun (ant) without an article, and tells me to add the or an. Hmmm! It doesn't see that it's a question without a question mark. It doesn't see that even if it's ant, it would be used as an adjective! Hmmm.

It doesn't catch "I am confusing" errors. It doesn't catch misuse of "otherwise". It doesn't catch Although + SN errors. It has some grammar but it isn't very sophisticated. It doesn't catch "I was went to Chicago" or even "I went Chicago".


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