Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spell Check Plus

Spell check plus- they try to get your business right away, but basically give you their best in free spell-check services, one or two sentences at a time, which are presumably better than MWord Spell-check and available on Firefox. You open the site and use the box.

It catches "the dog chased it's tail" but doesn't say it's wrong; it just warns me to check and explains why. It tells me possessives should be "its" which is helpful. On "I don't have ant friends" it suggests "and" which is a little off base; it was meant to be "any," I believe, and y is in fact nearer to t than d on the keyboard. It misses "I don't like they're hamburgers" as well as "I don't like there hamburgers." It catches "I am form Cleveland" and suggests "I am from Cleveland" which to me is a definite advantage. It turns non-words (such as "morden" into bright red stoplights and suggests "modern" second but soon nevertheless.

It missed "I am confusing" and "I involved in this project" but got "I was went to Chicago"; however it told me to change it to "I arrived" or "I have arrived" which is not quite the same.

On "opreshiate" it was able to correctly suggest "appreciate" (my downloaded Grammarly lite was left speechless). Advantage SCP.

$15/yr. buys you no ads, no limit on text length, grammar ex.'s. Free trial available.


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