Wednesday, February 27, 2013

more links

One cool site. (Dec. 12, 2011). Five free grammar checkers. Available 2-13.

Blum, B. (2013, Feb. 5). Spellchecker on speed. Israel21c. Available 2-13.

Rose, J. (2006, Sept. 18). Ten common writing mistakes your spell checker won't find. Writing English.’t-find/. Available 3-13.

Pullum, G. (2007, Oct. 26). Monkeys will check your grammar. Language Log. Accessed 3-13.

Pullum, G. (2012, Apr. 13). Passive voice wrongly accused yet again. Language Log. Accessed 3-13.

Pullum, G. (2012). Confusion over avoiding the passive. Accessed 3-13.

other links:
WhiteSmoke free download
free-grammar-check's list of four free grammar-checkers

corpora of misspellings for download
100 most misspelled words in English
Word starts contextual spell-check in Word 2007 (techrepublic)


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