Monday, March 04, 2013

translated from Arabic

Tulkarem - Jerusalem dot com - visited the director of language services, and an official translation and localization, in the company "Google", Dr. ultra Aweys, on Monday, the University of Khadouri city of Tulkarm. Aweys delivered during the visit, a lecture aimed at defining students of computer systems and telecommunications engineering students at the university, the content of "Google" Arab, and localization services, translation, in Google. He reviewed "Aweys" language services company "Google" and the importance of localization and translation of various contents of the search, using engine "Google", and other services using the system "Android".

He pointed to the Arabization of the network, and the use of the terms Arab, and the development of special solutions in Arabic, especially recipes combining masculine and feminine, in addition to publishing blogs in Arabic.

And Dr. Aweys expressed readiness to provide all forms of support, for gifted students, and the adoption of their initiatives, and provide all forms of support and training to help them get their ideas out constructive scientifically meaningful way.

The Acting President of the University, Air owners, that students at the university, two of the ambassadors of "Google" in Palestinian universities, namely: Noor Mahdavi, specialty computer engineering, and Uday Sobei, a specialty communications engineering.


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