Monday, March 04, 2013

translated from Korean

Strung homeless son was bullied imsejin group, accepted to the universityCooped up in the house "... like your dad, you Homeless" Two years ago, the neighborhood on the type of banter after fistfight"Persuade" You are the most precious person in the "social worker with more than 10 times, I can" jjokbangchon meDevoted to study, free evening classes around last year goip assignment GED, this year's admission to the University Police gyeonghohakgwa"You like your father doegetda homeless."

The day the fistfight to hear the banter of the neighborhood two years ago, imsejin (18) of the group mind, the door firmly closed. Time, bang on live near Namdaemun imgun did not go to school, and at home all day watching TV and was F-in happens Rise Living was repeated. The room was filling up the size of two people facing the table.

Imgun's father was an alcoholic. Ever slapped a drunk mother. 5 years old when mother can not stand the violence, imgun took two-year-old sister went out of the house. Terrible difficult, my mother was forced to take your daughter back in tears. Bottle or father eventually went to the 2009 Long Term Care Hospital.

Grandma (73) receives government subsidies 58 won 'bang' family imgun of your income was all.Found friends know imgun matter of "Se Jin's father, the homeless mother supposedly went home" rumors. Redundancy when teasing imgun school friends to erase the name from imgun papers hit the joke even. Classmate of your dad to alcoholism "homeless" shook his fist at the end of 2008, the first year of junior high school summer day, my teacher imgun only every heard. The day imgun quit school. At this time, "What are you doing here" hate "his father's son" and muttering sounds people did not treat. The hermit type loner like imgun was transformed. He said, "people homeless finger at son called me to go out just outside seemed imgun.

 Three years later, in March of this year, the imgun of Gangwon Province attended a college freshman orientation. He is "school in a long time too worried about sludge", and did not conceal his laughter. Him what would happen.

10000000000000000 three days 'jjokbangchon boys' imsejin (middle) group is having a good time with friends with the same orientation. / Imsejin group providesNamdaemun Area Counseling Center bakhanwoo (65), nurses and social workers found what Sejin's a house in June 2011. Imgun 3 years had to be cooped up in the house. "PC rooms Alba" was imgun eyes to the question "In the future, what do you want to be," stammered he said. Counseling center airfoil mounted and staff, "You know how precious that you can know how many days," said 10 times imgun persuaded. December 2011, imgun eventually the house and me went to the counseling center.New extremely gardening imgun of the day was busy since. Free evening classes from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00, Mapo-gu, Hapjeong undergraduate heard languages, English and math classes. English ABC starting level. 9 am to 5 pm at the counseling center where preparation and review. Lunch and dinner to imgun of studying social workers helped you was responsible. Study began six months after May 16 last year imgun received notice goip GED.

 But water to 637 minutes of vehicle tax bill was passed the day his father died in the hospital with the news. Was the father when the homeless due to give proof to seal off the stranger involved in a fraud and identity theft. Fortunately, the Counseling Center and the connected contact a lawyer take on imgun debt jumped in every way so that gave step 'limited approval application process. August last year, and continue to concentrate on studying imgun wolen assignment GED pass.

 He proudly supported Yeongwol 10000000000000000 police gyeonghohakgwa warrant of fitness this year received was a college student. Peers, rather than taking the GED goip and assignment imgun speed went to college one year early. Gave attending nokbeondong Flame imgun two churches, Lotte Scholarship Foundation, philanthropists have heard the story from the Counseling Center, Student vs.Around campus school orientation, new friends and a imgun every moment is captured on camera. Imgun "it's your special day back to school again," he said.

 "Bang was hiding in a desperate one, I want to say to kids, 'not hurt and you do not know, anyone can do this?" Difficult to empower people want to be a police officer. " Bang left jjokbangchon boy finally said.


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