Friday, March 08, 2013

translated from Chinese

Beijing appointment and removal of 120 cadres Wang Quan any Wuxi acting mayor of Zhangjiajie appointment and removal Release date of "three secret policy" to safeguard the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands top ten events strengthen defense Sustained high winds caused the three railway in Xinjiang at least 23 trains stop round shelter Veterans Sen: 3 vitality left to others Fujian People's Armed Police rescued by jumping into a river Male Intentional homicide and theft of the Changchun auto theft infanticide suspects involved have been arrested Chavez remains will be placed in the glass coffin for permanent pay tribute to the hundreds of thousands of people bid farewell to Chavez Yuan Guiren Zhai Meiqing China Dream: Do not Let the children left behind into family education blind spot Ministry of Education: Notice for more strict at the doctoral enrollment link academic corruption behavior Any resume Wang Lei, Tao Shandong TuanShengWei secretary Laiwu Municipal Committee Qinghai-Tibet railway extension line - pull date railway is expected to be completed in the end of this year or early next year Beware of "urbanization" how to hold the "red line" of 18 million mu of arable land become a "real estate." Temperatures soared another Jizhui Meteorological Observatory issued a cold wave warning Beijing Ying windy dust The female half of the sky thirty-eight "welfare" The hardest hair who is the most willing to spend money for women CCTV survey: 2012 people rising happiness happiness in women than in men Berlusconi conspiracy leaked jailed US-Middle East policy: pull constantly tangled


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