Friday, March 08, 2013

translated from Chinese (2)

Xinhua Beijing, March 8 (Suncrest, Lihua Ling Han Miao) Pema Lin, the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Congress Standing Committee, to participate in the second session of the National People's Congress meeting Tibetan delegation said that self-immolation is immoral inhumane acts. Evidence that this was instigated by the Dalai clique.

He said that many years of history of Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism is not killing, not encourage self-immolation and trampling lives, inciting self-immolation is not right, everyone should understand.

He said, we have evidence that is instigated by the Dalai clique. The self-immolation itself is immoral, inhumane, not to stop even encouraged, by some means of compensation, continue to encourage them to do such a thing, I think it is more inhumane.

Tibet Autonomous Region, deputy party secretary said Qiangba 1-2 ten thousand Tibetan Buddhist temples, is recurrent then several temples, this problem after verification foreign contact with the Dalai clique, domestic outside collusion. The evidence is very conclusive. Some time ago, the Chinese media published inciting abetting the self-immolation, and some sentenced, these are published.

He said the self-immolation as a national hero in Tibet, chanting, praying for him and for his salvation, and makes some believers think we should do so, and thus embarked on the road of no return, with the Dalai clique stakeholders.

Tibetan areas in the vast majority of temples, monks and nuns, no self-immolation, only concentrated in some places, he said. We are saddened by the death of innocent people, and do not want to inflame.

Chairman of the autonomous region, said Lobsang Gyaincain, we always put the maintenance of stability as the first responsible and hard task, waged a resolute struggle against the Dalai clique, infiltration and sabotage activities and resolutely crack down on various secessionist forces, resolutely safeguard the social stability of Tibet.

Tibet to strengthen national unity, safeguard social stability, he said, to achieve leapfrog development in Tibet, security and premise. No social stability, economic development and the realization of the goal of a well-off society is fully completed empty.

Said Lobsang Gyaincain, national unity and progress will carry out activities to create a "cherish their own eyes cherish national unity" excellent situation to cherish harmony and stability, consolidation and development of equality, solidarity and harmonious socialist ethnic relations.


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