Friday, March 08, 2013

translated from Japanese

About what North Korea has rebounded to such sanctions in the UN Security Council, the government has been cautious "There is a possibility of an act of provocation" further, and take all possible measures to such collection and analysis of information We have decided to synchronize with, and will seek restraint in North Korea in cooperation with the countries concerned.

In opposition to the military exercises in South Korea and the United States and the sanctions of the UN Security Council, 8 days, North Korea will declare and destroy all agreed so far decided not to invasion force each other to and from South Korea was.

In this regard, the official residence of the Prime Minister, "in the House of Representatives Budget Committee on March 8, Prime Minister Abe, corresponding preparations formed a crisis management under the superintendent. Life and property of the people and said "We will firmly defend, I have an idea to take a thorough response. We have analyzed, "the North's statement, we use the strong expression than ever before, there is a possibility that does not pause, do further provocations" and also executives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The government has decided to hold a meeting by, for example, director-general level of the ministries concerned and cautious trends in North Korea, committed to such collection and analysis of information from these things.

In addition, we have decided to work together with the countries concerned, such as China, which is the ally of the United States and North Korea, it will seek the DPRK restraint.


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