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Fifty Shades of Grey' Jamie Dornan & SD Jones

"Porn of mothers (Mommy-Porn) '. Said gotta published 2012 novel of the selling points to more than 100 million portion of the EL James 'Fifty Shades of Grey' in the world. Write a female writer, the reader is also the nickname attached many women. Valentine's Day and aimed at the opening of the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey (50 Shades of Grey) 'was the original novel. Women writers wrote as an unconventional Sepulcher win outright and famous novels, hot ssolryeotda early interest in representation and level of the movie based on it. Delicate and has a reputation as a seductive expression female director Sam Taylor Johnson while I take on production expectations increased further. The two actors male and female protagonists Christian Grey and Anastasia Jamie Dornan that play a role (33) and Dakota Jones (26) to the attention of moviegoers focused as a matter of course. Last month, I met two people at a press conference held in West Hollywood.

Kyŏng-min Yi reporters

Jamie Dornan

- Leaves the things off at any point of the character.

"Christian is a person is a kind of gray fantasy. People with forms that are so much older in twenty-seven, I have never met or even life. The same is true wonders that can reach close to that figure is superhero In me, because to understand reality, Although difficult to shave, try navigating such a person also came to feel that would be fun. "

- Jeongsasin shooting with counterparts in Dakota Johnson How was.

"Fortunately, most of gallantry scene took shots at the end. The virtue in a set time each day the yen was familiar enough to be comfortable conditions laugh with each other. In trust each other not an easy situation to be photographed naked all the clothes in a strange place is really important, this time been able to make the smoke flows naturally gained confidence thanks safely. "

- Novel is 'porn of mothers (Mommy-Porn)' was called called.

"Just an expression of cynical people. We want to create a work and is expressed in the distance, but, so if you want to call it that their freedom. We tried to make a love story. Meet the men and women that can not be done in different circumstances need each other, and the process is going to change in line to the other. in this respect, the story is very classic love story that reflects the world of Shakespeare. of course, sex in a certain way that an important part of the story is true, but It occupies a large part of the action and the relationship between the two main characters, only one material essential to the narrative. "

- BDSM Were piece that appeared in the movie are familiar with (Acts Masochism, sadistic sex).

"Not at all.'re Laughing all the time and learned a lot of movies. The torture that was separate advice about BDSM, he may observe to enjoy with your partner in your own space. I enjoyed it, but is that why they like it that way Fair enough. Not even a crime, bad road is not no. people think, as uncovered by (author of the novel) James is like a dirty secret, but she just did just that spotlights that already exists. "

- Can this film appeal to male audiences.

"Perhaps the most female audience wonder if taking a husband or boyfriend, but the men themselves go to the theater to see rare thing, a woman maneuni hear men speak pretty well says: Have yet to see the movie together when I get home, the map did not give even one girl you do not know it is a gift idea (laughs). "

Dakota Johnson

- Is there any hesitation decided before the show.

"Although a little hesitant, but the character is strongly attracted to suffer emotional Anastasia journey. Anastasia is very smart and tough, yet a high self-esteem women. Most of the movie in a small, soft-prone only to women being drawn to the smoke blowing humor and strength I wanted a challenge. ordinary women with sexual messages to wake up to find their sensual side is not this also liked never to be ashamed of. Women are meant to test the limits set Seeing enjoy the right to self-body and beauty I felt. "

- From the author to the director, the film made women to lead.

"Women are certainly seems superior to figure out the subtle feeling crushed in the base of the sexual story simply sex god only continue if the film showed how boring haetgetna. Author James, who wrote the screenplay Kelly, director Sam all original found in novels that had attracted fans to pull out something that wonderfully. both men and women hot love, the relationship between a subtle change to the process succeeded in maximizing the fun with. "

- The process of digesting the various jeongsasin did himdeuljin.

"It was not an easy task at first, of course awkward and embarrassing and scary. Roam naked in front of people you do not know is not always useless work, but that the director made a number of possible maven feel comfortable and secure environment with the help of anxiety the renowned could concentrate on thinking I need to complete the artistic scene. gray to write the scene but all the rest of the band to fit the belt directly digested. "

- The cadastral map of "high-quality soft-core porn" for a film.

"That is not even worried. Oh, definitely at that point directors and cinematographers are confident yirwotdago an amazing accomplishment. God does not at all the sex in the movie" The chance to see sneak peek feeling. Sex is a very personal understanding of behavior based on this virtue, that some scenes are dirty or uncomfortable idea that did not complete lift. also very elegant variety of sex god how we put the camera, elegant, and beautiful. "

[Mini Review] sensual than it seemed childish ... But the ball with bath

Although yahada right. Cedar is also exposed to the strength of both men and women protagonists. Starting with the tie cuffs and belt, and fun to look in full the 'play room' Christian Grey in various whip. But's it. Christian and Anastasia movie more exciting and thrilling to haejyeoya gamyeo explore and meet each other's sexual desire becomes loose and gets boring somehow. Also evoke a secret interest in sadistic sexual behavior was totally unsuccessful.

The problem lies in attracting and usual settings and ambassador to shrink their hands and feet look. Korea ardent drama Cinderella and more serious metabolic tuk broken without context romance Ginny followed the structure of the Prince Charming, a resilient and moan, I still would not be far enough seats In just sounds like a prey and derision that giggle stand is full of pathetic.

R-rated in the beating of age audience to see the movie is "I do not love Me," "Where now replaced're from?" What is impossible to become serious front lines.

Jeomchyeo look at whether or not the box office? There they can lead the balgil audiences 'viewing with bath' is enough. Deda original fame (or infamy) is so high, "alternative like friggin 'which seems to be no shortage hagien curiosity.



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