Friday, February 13, 2015

GT translation of Spanish news article 2-13-15

Between April and May the governor Fernando Toranzo Fernández travel to Japan to meet with employers to encourage them to invest in San Luis Potosi.

"We very much welcome the confidence that Japan in our people and our land, and incentives we can offer individual companies. We raised a tour to Japan where we will interview us with entrepreneurs to weigh the options again, "said the governor after the opening of the Nissin Manufacturing plant in the industrial park Satellite City.

He said that at the beginning of the administration were six Japanese companies in San Luis Potosí and now there are 36, which shows the interest of Japanese businessmen to invest in the state.

Expanding on the journey to Japan, Toranzo Fernández said that surely begin when the electoral ban "will be going to talk with Japanese investors to bid the benefits having our land."

On the dynamics of their visit to the country from east said right now his team is currently preparing the way and creating agendas to meet with employers; about when it would be said that probably in April or May.

Moreover, the governor stressed the importance of foreign investment since last year San Luis Potosi was the highest in its history, and today still receives companies from other countries.

"I think San Luis Potosi he holds a very bright future in terms of investment, and obviously all these companies come to consolidate what we have driven since the start of the administration, which is that San Luis is transformed into an automotive cluster and a logistics cluster ".
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