Monday, April 01, 2013

2013 writing

Leverett, T. (2013, Apr.). The vodka clouds your vision: Grammar technology and its allure. Google docs.

Leverett, T. (2013, Feb.). Grammar technology: For better or worse (2013). Google docs.

Leverett, T. (2013, Apr.). What's your beef? Resources in grammar and spell-checking. Google docs.

blog posts:

The vodka is good, but the meat is rotten (part 2). 3-6-2013, thomas leverett weblog.

The vodka is good, but the meat is rotten, 3-4-2013, thomas leverett weblog,

As Google Translate matures, thisisyourbrain weblog.

Implications of innovations, thisisyourbrain weblog.

As falls spelling, so falls grammar. thisisyourbrain weblog.

Calculator wars and the skill of the general populace. thisisyourbrain weblog.

One language learner's story. thisisyourbrain weblog, 4-13.


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