Friday, February 13, 2015

GT translation of Spanish article (2), 2-13-15

The degree of popularity French police hit record highs after the attacks of Paris, where the police were acclaimed by the people for his performance against attacks, according to a survey.

According to a survey by the Institute Odoxa, 84 percent of French people have a good opinion of the police, a percentage ever previously achieved by so-called "angels of peace" in France.

The survey, conducted by a month after the wave of attacks that began last January 7 in Paris and resulted in 17 deaths, revealed that the popularity of the police officers increased 20 points in the last four months.

The latest survey on police popularity in France in October 2014 attributed 64 percent of acceptance among society of European country.

"From the large demonstration in Paris after the attacks, on January 11, people consider their police differently," said police spokesman guild National Union of Autonomous Trade Unions (UNSA by its French acronym), Christophe Crépin .

"It was necessary this shock for French understand that security is priceless, but it has a cost," he added Crépin, member of the French National Police, which has 110,000 agents.

In the attacks in Paris several police elite corps of the National Police and the French Gendarmerie staged two high-risk operations where they fought the terrorists, among which included the taking of a supermarket to free hostages.

According to the poll, published by the weekly L'Express, 86 percent of French people think that the police are brave Gauls, 84 percent believe that defend republican values and 69 percent believe they are effective.

The survey was conducted on 5 and 6 February issues raised by online among a representative sample of one thousand eight French elected by the quota method.
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