Friday, February 13, 2015

GT translated from Korean, article 2-13-15

"Incheon on my way home is more spacious and convenient."

American Airlines and Korean Air from April 1, the two governments announced that the conditions applied in Incheon to start codeshare routes to Dallas.

The codeshare partnership is a certain type of seat that achieves the selling Flight zoom effect to its flight number of the partner airline.

The Incheon to Dallas this week codeshare routes depending on the 7th of American Airlines, Korean Air flights five times a week will increase the addition circuit 12 weeks. Dallas is currently implemented, flying through the 11 US cities, including Chicago, American Airlines Korean Air's reservation line connecting the entire city in the Americas to flying, it is also more convenient ticketing.

In addition, Sky Pass members Incheon - Dallas codeshare routes and the same route is American Airlines Flight Mileage is possible even on board.

Korean Air's Incheon period is arrived at DFW Airport in Dallas, 9:00 a.m. to start the Incheon International Airport at 10:00 am and go when you arrive at Incheon International Airport at 5:00 pm the next day, starting with 24:10 at DFW Airport .

In the case of American Airlines arrives at DFW Airport at 5:00 pm departing from Incheon International Airport and 15 minutes to 16:15 and, DFW Airport, arriving at Incheon International Airport at 15:15 the next day, starting with 10:40 a.m. is in a schedule.


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